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Question: Do I need an electrician if my light fixture will not come on?

Answer: Maybe, first replace the bulb, if it still does not work, call us.

Question: Why did my outlets stop working but my breaker did not trip?

Answer:  There is more than likely a loose connection in your circuit. To be sure we can perform a diagnostic test.

Question:  Does Phase 1 work with insurance companies?

Answer:  Yes

Question:  Does Phase 1 finance?

Answer:  Yes, any job over $850.00

Question: Does Phase 1 offer after hours emergency service?

Answer: Every day

Question: Is it unsafe if I have to reset my fuse/breaker when I have my microwave on at the same time as my blender?

Answer: It depends on what else is on that circuit, it is obviously being overloaded.  Microwaves are supposed to be on dedicated circuits.

Read our Clients Testimonials

Installed recessed lighting in my basement ceiling. Also installed switches and outlets. Installed a sub panel as well.
Phase One came on time, did what he said he was going to do at a reasonable price.
I was satisfied and will recommend them to others.

Jason Mc./ Indianapolis